Mike is an Art Director with a passion for animation, DEVELOPMENT, character design, & Educational children's media.

With over ten years of production experience he has collaborated with clients such as Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, PBS, Hasbro, and Discovery Kids. Mike’s prior work includes the role of Art and Animation Director of CloudKid, an award-winning digital creative agency, as well as Animation Supervisor at Soup2Nuts, where he contributed to the production of several television series including Home Movies, and the Emmy Award-winning series WordGirl. His most recent work includes developing and directing an interactive story experience at Jibo, an innovative design company creating the world’s first social robot. Mike is currently creating, consulting, and developing children's IP as well as teaching at Lesley Art + Design.


2017 London International Animation Festival Selection - A Rhino Named Paul - Director

2017 Toronto Animation Arts Festival Selection - A Rhino Named Paul - Director

2016 Annecy International Film Festival Selection - A Rhino Named Paul - Director

2012 Daytime Emmy Award Nomination, Recognition for Contribution - Fizzy's Lunch Lab - Animation Director

2011 Daytime Emmy Award, Recognition for Contribution - SciGirls - Animator